Ain’t nobody got time for this!

“I joked around with her… she was putting on a little bit of make-up and I go, ‘Oh I thought Alicia doesn’t wear make-up,” he told The Howard Stern Show.

“And she’s like: ‘I do what the f*** I want.’ “

Mikaila Ulmer, young, gifted and Black

Women’s History Month is coming to a close but we know there will always be more to celebrate and acknowledge about the amazing women and girls of the Diaspora.  Today I want to recognize Mikaila Ulmer, the pre-teen entrepreneur who is already landed a multi-million dollar deal. At the tender age of 12 she’s making […]

An ode to Chimamanda Adiche

It is an amazing time to be a black woman, because our very varied and diverse stories are being told. We are no longer one dimensional sex pots or mammies or whores. We can now see parts of ourselves in so many places. I love Chimamanda so much because she doesn’t fit in a box. You can’t just box her in as an African, or more specifically Nigerian writer. She is worldly. You can’t just put her in the feminist corner. She’s not just a wife. She is all of those things and more than those things when singled out.

She is a true 21st century Griot!

The Lady from Texas: Barbara Jordan

“…Jordan realized her own potential when she was able to see herself reflected back to her. Seeing that another Black woman that was intelligent and accomplished helped solidify her desire and determination to succeed.”

You do what you want when you poppin! The Maya Angelou Edition

As always, we tend to remember our sheros as grandmothers and wise sages who shower us with their experience and love. And while Mama Maya, gives us all of that. After all, Mama Maya wasn’t ALWAYS 86 years old. She wasn’t always a poet, writer and wise woman.

Mama Maya constantly reinvented herself, pushed past other people’s limits of her and truly embodied the African proverb, “You do what you want when you poppin.” Thanks Future, for that sage wisdom.

Born in 1928, Maya grew up in the depression era south. We all know by now, that she was raped by her mother’s “friend,” told her family, the man was found guilty but only spent 1 day in jail. A few days later he was found dead. For 5 years after that Maya did not speak a word. Afraid that her words had killed that man and she feared killing again.

Find Our Girls

In past we have put before you the question, ” how are the children?” The recent reports of missing Black and Latina girls from the DC area reveals a disturbing answer. With as many as 34 girls missing, dating back to January of this year and only now getting attention; our girls are in danger. […]

Ms. Badass herself Nina Simone

I mean she is the premiere definition of a #ProfessionalBlackGirl. Like she was all unapologetic about her blackness, her womanness, her selfness and Biggie’s lyrics keep on running through my mind, “Heart throb never, Black and ugly as ever.” Now, I know that may seem disrespectful but bear with me.

Nina Simone is not what most people would call classically beautiful . She is dark skinned with very African features and she was a sultry, bossy, some say vulgar, temperamental artist.