Sonia Sanchez: Poetry in ACTION

Sonia Sanchez is Poetry in ACTION. She makes POETRY a verb. Her fluid pen and power reverberate from Birmingham, Alabama to Harlem, NY to Dakar, Senegal and throughout the four corners of the world. As women of African Descent write their narratives with their ways, means, actions, and deeds – Mama Sonia documents, translates, deciphers, and delivers. She is a master of cadence, flow, and vernacular, the embodiment of catalytic change.

Loving Blackness in the likeness of Arturo Schomburg

Arturo Schomburg had a similar, “I’m not here for this shit moment.” As a young student in Puerto Rico, Schomburg was told that Black people lacked a culture and history from one of his educators. The statement, which was an assault to him and his humanity set him off on a lifelong journey to prove that educator wrong but to also ensure that no child of the Diaspora would go without knowing the greatness of their lineage.

We Be Trippin’

Quick!  When was the last time you took your class on a trip? If you had to think hard about that then you are not doing your job.  That’s right, you are not doing right by your students if you are not educating them outside the confines of your classroom. I don’t care if you take […]

Woke Spotlight: Brotherhood Sister Sol

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol (Bro/Sis) provides comprehensive, holistic and long-term support services to youth who range in age from eight to twenty-two. Bro/Sis offers wrap around evidence-based programming. The organization focuses on issues such as leadership development and educational achievement, sexual responsibility, sexism and misogyny, political education and social justice, Pan-African and Latino history, and global awareness.

Woke Spotlight: CCCADI

The CCCADI in their own words, “preserves and present African Diaspora cultures; trains the next generation of cultural leaders; and unites diaspora communities. We leverage arts and culture as a tools for personal transformation, community building and social justice.”

Our Cread commandment #5 states that we must expand our repertoire of resources and we consider CCCADI a goldmine of resources, for the personal and the professional.

Are Puerto Ricans Black?

The Atlantic slave trade brought Africans to Puerto Rico in the early 1500s. Some of the first slave rebellions took place on the island of Puerto Rico. Until 1846, Africanos on the island had to carry a libreta to move around the island, like the passbook system in apartheid South Africa. In Puerto Rico, you will find large communities of descendants of the Yoruba, Bambara, Wolof and Mandingo people. Puerto Rican culture is inherently African culture.”