Citizen: An American Lyric

I remember being in college and missing three days of class in 4 years, never asking for an extension on a paper or assignment and always being the first one to submit my portion of a group project. I never wanted to be the one blamed for a grade reduction because my work ethic was not just a reflection on me but on any and every black person who would come after me.

This is not new rhetoric for black people. We are always concerned about recommending other people of color for positions because if they’re late one time, we are afraid that that lateness will cause all of us to be investigated.  We have a healthy amount of paranoia because there’s no such thing as being too paranoid.

Woke Cypha #3: Formation

For us, an appropriate assessment, formative or otherwise is at the intersection of culture, consciousness and common to our core. We used the video Formation and our CREAD Woke Cypha Element of Storytelling to make connections between Bey’s videos and lyrics and the current state of our community.

Millennials be on it: Warsan Shire

So what are you gonna say at my funeral, now that you’ve killed me? Here lies the body of the love of my life, whose heart I broke without a gun to my head. Here lies the mother of my children, both living and dead. Rest in peace, my true love, who I took for granted. Most bomb p*ssy who, because of me, sleep evaded. Her god listening. Her heaven will be a love without betrayal. Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks.

I remember watching Lemonade, at home, by myself, glued to my couch, stunned by the words coming out of Queen B’s mouth. I knew the poetry wasn’t hers and I remember wondering, who, had written such purity and realness and how had they allowed themselves to be so vulnerable?

Buju the Poet

As we saunter ever so lovingly into Poetry history month. I want us to remember that music is poetry, set to music. And music is the story of our lives.

So for those of you who don’t Buju Banton is a Jamaican dancehall artist who covers both culture, love and bad man tunes. Man, if your not adept to caribbean culture and music, then you have no idea what I mean by culture and bad man tunes.

An ode to Chimamanda Adiche

It is an amazing time to be a black woman, because our very varied and diverse stories are being told. We are no longer one dimensional sex pots or mammies or whores. We can now see parts of ourselves in so many places. I love Chimamanda so much because she doesn’t fit in a box. You can’t just box her in as an African, or more specifically Nigerian writer. She is worldly. You can’t just put her in the feminist corner. She’s not just a wife. She is all of those things and more than those things when singled out.

She is a true 21st century Griot!

You woke or nah?

Hey Family, Since we launched CREAD in September, we have been inundated with requests for resources. We are excited by the clamor for ways to engage your black and brown students in their education. But, family, we have a slight problem. A Culturally Responsive educator doesn’t look for resources. They become the resource. Ok, let […]