Who Gon’ Stop Her, Huh?

This award is important for a few reasons:

It honors someone who is moving like a freight train through Hollywood.
The award is named after a song by Jay-Z and pre-sunken place, Kanye.
I made it up and it’s dope.
Because it’s Women’s History Month, this award is recognizing another Black woman favorite of mine and apparently everyone else. Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room or should I say, the last Black unicorn in the room.

#IssaCelebration BHM 2018

Now we teach from a woke ass, depressing and dehumanizing way. We now teach 5 year old’s about systemic racism, 12 year old’s must be able to identify the way their schools are setting them on the path to prison and 17 year old’s must organize Black Lives Matter protests and die in’s to prove their wokeness. 
I’m calling on a moratorium on discussing White oppression for the next 28 short days and to instead focus on Black girl magic, Black boy joy, Black art, Black excellence, passion, spirituality, creativity, dopeness and education.

You do what you want when you poppin! The Maya Angelou Edition

As always, we tend to remember our sheros as grandmothers and wise sages who shower us with their experience and love. And while Mama Maya, gives us all of that. After all, Mama Maya wasn’t ALWAYS 86 years old. She wasn’t always a poet, writer and wise woman.

Mama Maya constantly reinvented herself, pushed past other people’s limits of her and truly embodied the African proverb, “You do what you want when you poppin.” Thanks Future, for that sage wisdom.

Born in 1928, Maya grew up in the depression era south. We all know by now, that she was raped by her mother’s “friend,” told her family, the man was found guilty but only spent 1 day in jail. A few days later he was found dead. For 5 years after that Maya did not speak a word. Afraid that her words had killed that man and she feared killing again.