Summer rain, a lifetime of pain…

You left us on a cold Sunday morning. More than just the cold in our bones or the pain in our souls. The weather was just terrible, and rightfully so. It rained that entire day. Shifting from misty to streams of constant rain. I know in my heart that that was you crying. Lamenting over all that you have left behind and all you didn’t get to do.

On Aristocracy and Violence, and Why These Things Keep Happening

The right to rule, to decide on behalf of the nation, is brother to violence. Power and violence are the children of territorial warfare and the risk of death, siblings to victory in battle and to eager rivalry, envy, jealousy, and/or maniacal dedication. Say what you will about the Greeks, but they had a way of relating ideas to each other, and their ideas became extremely popular to some excited noblemen with boats toward the end of the middle ages.

#Blackgirlmagic: Young Black Girls Securing the Bag

Here are 10 Black entrepreneurs pursuing their passions all while getting that shmoney (Cardi B. voice)! I wonder how many budding entrepreneurs are sitting in your classroom? What will you do to support them with their endeavors? How can you provide them with learning experiences that will bring out their inner hustler?

Moving the Culture Podast: The #metoo Episode

The #MeToo movement is not Black or White. It is extremely gray with a lot of learning to be done by all of us. In this episode, the hosts take a second stab at having this very complex conversation. Maybe 20 years from now, we will release the 1st try. The conversation starts with Khalilah sharing a recent story where she questioned her self agency, then we segway into Aziz Ansari, what it means to give enthusiastic consent, power dynamics in the workplace and what are our young people learning about themselves, their sexuality, their pleasure and how to navigate our world. This isn’t a perfect conversation. Just a real one. So take a listen to our 2nd take at unpacking #MeToo.