Dear Liberal Wypipo: Y’all Got Us F’ed Up and Fed Up

Remove the word disgusting from your vocabulary. I’m not gonna spend a lot of time discussing this but I think it’s safe to say that liberal White folks overuse this word especially when pointing out overt racism. Dylan Roof is disgusting. Trump is disgusting. Oh and school segregation is disgusting…unless you’re referring to their child’s school, then it’s all good.

The lynching

Friday, we went to the memorial. On the shuttle ride over, I kept on wondering when would this pain I was feeling end? When would this distance I was feeling evaporate?
When will this injustice against Black people be over?

And because my teacher brain is never turned off, I wondered, how would I share this experience with students? How would I prepare them to visit these sites? How could I ensure that they felt safe and full of self agency after their visit?

It is HARD to stand in the midst of so much pain and injustice and not feel hate.

The time is now! Don’t be like the NY Times and National Geographic

In looking through the stories of women featured in the Times article, I was angered by realizing that I didn’t know of Ida B. Wells or Henrietta Lacks until college and the way our current curriculums are set up, our students won’t either. I’ve found that when teaching Global History and U.S. History, unless teacher led, the stories of influential women are still absent in our textbooks.

Moving The Culture Podcast: New Year Hard Truths

Welcome to our first podcast episode of the New Year! Episode 9: New Year Hard Truths. Inspired by CREAD blog posts, “Hard Truths Bring Clarity” by Humblevito and “Fear of a Black Rebellion” by Edunlevy. On this episode we discuss our 2018 goals and commitments for the work we do including the need to maintain a spiritual practice in order to live a truly anti-racist lifestyle and we discuss the many facets of Black rebellion inspired by the slave revolt of 1811 and what revolt looks like in 2018. Finally, we end our discussion talking about the often complex relationship of Black elders to Black youth via the  Ta-Nehisi Coates, Cornell West beef.
It’s been a long time and we’re happy to be back together again, moving the culture forward.
Where theory meets practice and education meets liberation.

Fear of Black Rebellion

I’ve written before about fear of black rebellion and how it manifests in our schools.  The knowing, or NOT knowing about the 1811 Slave Revolt (as it is commonly known) is directly related to this reality in our work as educators.

Faith as The Spiritual Discipline of Healing

I think the spiritual practice of faith has been one of the most important components of my own anti-racist identity development.  As anyone who read “Stamped from the Beginning” will remember, faith in God was often a frustrating thorn in the side of White supremacy.  For me to have faith in something greater than myself, I must admit that I’m not the greatest.  

For me to believe that there is a greater vision at work for every human being, I must admit that ultimately I cannot control them, and that actually, to try to control them is a violation of their sacred humanity.