Decolonizing Minds

“…we here in America are facing some of the very same challenges in our education system as on the continent. What we have in common with many parts of Africa is that we are still operating in a colonized system.”

Let Africa inspire you.

“As we seek to expand our understanding and knowledge of Africa and the diaspora as a whole, we must do more than just debunk outdated, patriarchal and racist ideas of “the dark continent”…”

Science Genius: ROCK and COME IN

A few months ago, I received a quick call from my mom. “Tun on CIN now!!” So without hesitation, I turned to CIN TV Jamaica and saw Columbia’s Chris Emdin and dancehall artist Tifa on screen. A proud, warm feeling came over me. Tifa, a dancehall artist, was wearing a white lab coat and was […]

Thinkin’ of a Master Plan

As we think about the ways of knowing and being that our new century students embody and the way hip hop culture has permeated our every day lives, we must begin to think deeply and differently about how we teach, what we teach and why are we teaching it. And center our inquiry and practice on what are the students learning, how are they learning and what are the many ways they can show what they’ve learned. This is the blueprint to our master plan. We must stay centered in Paulo Freire’s ideology that education is for liberation and not for subjugation or indoctrination as Brother James Baldwin told us.

Our musical inspiration for this session was Eric B and Rakim’s Paid in Full:

Thinkin of a master plan ’cause ain’t nuthin but sweat inside my hand.

Rebecca Lee Crumpler, M.D.

I think most of us recall the story that went viral last year, of Dr. Tamika Cross and her encounter with a clueless flight attendant. She could not believe that Cross was in fact a medical doctor and could assist a passenger  who was in distress.   When the sister MD was trying to make her […]

George Washington Carver

In Diamond, Missouri around 1864, one of the greatest scientists was born.  He was born into slavery, thus no records of birth are available for George Washington Carver. Today there is a National Parks monument to Carver  because of his brilliance and great contribution to this country.  Most biographers describe him as a botanist and […]