Kanye West and Salvador Dali: Two Fucking Fascists

A gifted, eccentric artist in a genre of art that was created as a form of resistance and revolution abandons everything his movement stood for in both artistic and personal acts of delusional self-grandeur and pro-fascist ideology.

Sound familiar?

That’s because Salvador Dali was the Kanye West of his day; an artist whose undeniable talent couldn’t be reconciled with his dangerous public antics, and whose actions sparked heated and complex conversations about the relationship between art and the artist, the power of celebrity and the gray lines between eccentricity and anti-social behavior in public life.

In the age of Trump…

Tell me, this isn’t the manifestation of wypipo drunk off of Trumpism? They are losing their minds, they are gitty with the idea of putting Black folks, “back into their permanent place of subservience.”

They also think they are the police, because the police are allowed to kill Black bodies with impunity and not face any criminal charges, and if charged, not be convicted.

International Women’s Day and the wage gap

Can I be honest?

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day…just feels so very White to me. I don’t feel nothing…that’s improper grammar right? I don’t feel anything for either of these celebrations. 

Which made me wonder, did any of my teachers out there acknowledge IWD in your classrooms, last week? Have you all been doing anything for Women’s History Month? Do y’all even know the theme for this year IWD, did you know a theme existed?

Stop Inviting Wypipo to the Cookout, Unless They Really Wit It

It’s time to filter out the fragile.
Anyone who is declaring colorblindness or professing that they are “not political” or still blaming a divisive America on Obama’s administration after a year of 45 needs to be called out.  

We are 3 weeks into 2018 and have already had racism emerge in H & M’s  “coolest monkey” ad, on college campuses with an Alabama student being expelled for her Instagram rant, in public education with 4th graders being asked to give 3 good reasons for slavery, a High School principal “retiring” after 40 years due to a racist video surfacing and on Friday “unapologetically white” posters began surfacing in Minnesota.

I’m exhausted.

Cheers to a Black Ass 2018!

I’ve heard so many people say that 2017 was trash and don’t get it fucked up, between the inauguration of this Psycho (which I refused to watch), the hurricanes and sexual harassment allegations being handed out like Halloween candy, it could be difficult to find the positive. However, I have a poster in my bedroom that says, Happiness is an inside job. In order for me to be happy, I realized that I have to be unapologetically Black and this post is dedicated to that CREAD principle.