Dr. King’s Faith

are we “if” or “though” kind of teachers. Do we approach teaching with a “if everything goes how I want” attitude? Or can we honestly say, “though I don’t agree with certain policies or though my students face many challenges, I remain dedicated and unrelenting”.

151 years

“Today, we honor, you, the Culturally Responsive Educator of the African Diaspora. You represent purpose. We ask that you print out a copy of the purpose principle and put it up in your classroom and in your home as a constant reminder of the endeavor you have chosen, and you might say, has chosen you.”

The Creativity of James Baldwin

“It is not really a “Negro revolution” that is upsetting the country. What is upsetting the country is a sense of its own identity. If, for example, one managed to change the curriculum in all the schools so that Negroes learned more about themselves and their real contributions to this culture, you would be liberating not only Negroes, you’d be liberating white people who know nothing about their own history. And the reason is that if you are compelled to lie about one aspect of anybody’s history, you must lie about it all. If you have to lie about my real role here, if you have to pretend that I hoed all that cotton just because I loved you, then you have done something to yourself. You are mad.”