Give Us Back Our Things

The part where things get insulting is when they show the images of White celebrities like Bo Derek, Juliette Lewis, Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus rocking braids and pretending like they discovered it. Wypipo, no one is saying you can’t wear braids but you gotta stop Columbusing shit.


We all know that when you “discover” people, places and things, you also rename them: Native people become Indians, Kunta Kinte becomes Toby, and cornrows become Bo braids.

Amara La Negra and Embracing Afro-Latinxs

The comment sections of these post are filled with people who think like Young Hollywood’s and serve as a reminder of how Latinxs often times ostracize their own and favor fairer skinned children, relatives and actors.

The Woke Cypha: Alchemy

If you want to get all metaphysical and ish, changing your world, your reality, your habits, yourself is in fact changing the world, because we are all connected.

At our second session of our Woke Cypha we discussed the story of Kalief Browder. We intentionally took his story and put our teachers through a learning experience intended to evoke pain, anger, and frustration. 

We wanted to embody the experience of taking pain and turning it into power.

We wanted to show them that WE are alchemists.

January 1st, 1804: That’s our New Year!

So, I swallowed those tears before returning to the sun shine. But what I could never swallow was my new nickname that followed me for the rest of my time living on that block, every time we walked to the train and every time I got on the cheese bus I heard the kids singing, African or  Haitian Booty Scratcher.

Which had me fucked up.
Because, again, I was Antiguan.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for: Principles to teach by in 2018

But don’t worry, you won’t have to be patient for too long especially because we will both be on break for the next not quite 2 weeks.

Just like you, we are closing up shop and taking time to be with family and friends over this holiday season. That means:

No daily blogs…But in this last one of 2018 we got a treat!
No Podcasts…did you peep we dropped one today?
No updates on social media….well our social media manager says she’s still gonna be dropping stuff. Thank Goodness for her.

We will be back on January 2nd, refreshed, renewed and ready to take on all that comes our way.

But, we are leaving you with an early Kwanzaa present.

An Ever State of Rage: Being Woke & Teaching to Be It

While doing this and experimenting with varying classroom structures to improve the discussion, one student’s statement last week in a fellow teacher’s class hit home, “Miss, why yall tryna make us angry? Ya’ll tryna make us hate white people?”

Now – as Malcolm X would say, “Before you come askin’ if I teach hate, ask yourself, who taught you to hate yourself?”

Black Boy Purpose

I love the saying, “If a man ain’t gon build, then he gon’ destroy.” So I ask you this:

How are we building our youth up? If we aren’t preparing them to live a purposeful life, that both helps build them personally, and  in turn allows them to build up their collective community; then what exactly are we preparing them for?