It’s Black Music Month

It is with great honor that I bring you the very last episode we recorded for “Moving the Culture Podcast” where we discuss Kanye West and Donald Glover’s “This is America.”  We talk about the many interpretations of these artists most recent works and statements and the best and worst ways educators can use these discussions to connect to classroom content and engage students in their critical thinking.

Professional Black Girl Part 2

In the 2nd half of our Professional Black Girl episode, our girl Evelyn Alvarez talks about how her experience as a Doula has shaped her deep connection and understanding of young Black girls and their complex relationships with adults and elders. We discuss what we would like young girls to know and what it would look like to create self-affirming spaces for them in schools. Lastly, we discuss J. Cole’s album KOD and its impact on us, as we prep for our future conversation on music for Black Music Month.

Professional Black Girl Part 1

In this episode, Evelyn Alvarez joins us to talk about the many lives that make her a Professional Black Girl. We discuss colorism and the complexities of the Afro Latinidad identity in mainstream and social media and the ways in which the platforms for broader representation are expanding. We ask in what ways can we appreciate the unapologetic energy of millennials while also teaching them how to respect experience?

Developing The Self Agency of Girls and Women of Color

This episode contains explicit language so put on your headphones while at work.

We discuss the NYTimes article on the life and death impact of racism on the lives of Black mothers and their babies and the importance of pay equity for the doula community in the support of Black mothers. We also continue our discussion of the Medium response to Junot Diaz’ piece and how ask how do we begin to educate young Black girls on how to recognize the danger posed by men who are carrying around unprocessed hurt and trauma?

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Wypipo People Think They’re Trump: Episode 14

This episode contains explicit language.

Last week Khalilah wrote a Piece titled: In the age of Drumpf where she discussed the most recent incidences of white people losing their minds: Philadelphia Starbucks, Thug Life Granny and the former firefighter who shot at a 14 year old black boy asking for directions. Well in this episode Khalilah and Erin (Vincent is living his best life) talk about what’s wrong with white people and is it possible to receive justice in these and other cases. Then they switch gears and talk about Junot Diaz’ piece on childhood sexual assault and what it meant for the diasporic women who loved him. Remember to share, like and repost.

Wakanda in our Classrooms Part 2

Wakanda in our Classrooms Part 2

Episode 13

In this episode, we continue our discussion about Black Panther, the many ways in which it has inspired us, our work and it’s impact on the way we look at the future of education for Black and Brown children.

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Moving The Culture Podcast: Seneca Village Montessori School Episode 8

This week we talk to Sharifa Hodges, the co-founder of Seneca Village Montessori School, which is an African Centered Independent Montessori school opening up in Crown Heights Brooklyn on January 2nd, 2018. Sharifa and Khalilah met on IG as their work for the liberation of Diasporic children are in full alignment. If you’re looking for a way to donate your time, talent, and treasure please consider supporting Seneca Village’s Kwanzaa Gift Drive. You can purchase The ABCs of the Black Panther Party at The book mentioned at the end of the podcast is The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex by TC Carrier. It’s a mind trip. So go slow homey. Happy Holidays!