Baba Malcolm

I have never missed a person, as much as I miss Malcolm. Yeah, that’s crazy because I was born many years after he was assassinated. But his impact on my identity, my ideology, on my being is unmatched.

I think I’m going to go to his grave site on Sunday. Lay some flowers, burn some Frankincense and Myrrh and just talk to him. That feels like what I need right now.

Water is Life

Residents of Cape Town have been living with strict water consumption restrictions, about 50 litres (or 13 gallons of water) per person per day. According to data provided from the U.S. Geological Survey website, on average, Americans use about 80-100 gallons of water per person per day. Imagine just being allotted 13 gallons of water per day to bathe, brush your teeth, cook, hydrate and do anything else you need to do that involves water?

Fugitivity: Freedom as a Practice of “Quotidian Refusal”

In other words, fugitivity is refusing to comply with a system that assumes you are either deserving of inevitable subordination because of your very nature (pathologized), or else you are some intriguing exception to that inevitable logic of subordination. (I’m not sure at this point whether my ‘other words’ are helpful or not, but there they are…)


The song has had me thinking…

How do I Motiv8?
Am I motivating those around me?
What motivates me?
These are questions I wrestled with long before hearing this amazing song, but it’s funny how a seemingly whimsical track can reignite such powerful thoughts.

How do you Motiv8?

Last week I presented at the third quarterly for NYC Men Teach on the Pedagogy of Black Girl Magic, a workshop created by Khalilah and I.

In the age of Trump…

Tell me, this isn’t the manifestation of wypipo drunk off of Trumpism? They are losing their minds, they are gitty with the idea of putting Black folks, “back into their permanent place of subservience.”

They also think they are the police, because the police are allowed to kill Black bodies with impunity and not face any criminal charges, and if charged, not be convicted.

True Education: Indigenous Feminism and the Fight for Autonomous Education

Our education is about having a dignified struggle and one heart, so that we can walk together in the same direction. We believe that education is not only about teaching literacy and numeracy, but also about solving problems between our peoples, how to defend ourselves, about our history and how to keep on fighting.

— Hortencia, Tseltal promoter of True Education

The time is now! Don’t be like the NY Times and National Geographic

In looking through the stories of women featured in the Times article, I was angered by realizing that I didn’t know of Ida B. Wells or Henrietta Lacks until college and the way our current curriculums are set up, our students won’t either. I’ve found that when teaching Global History and U.S. History, unless teacher led, the stories of influential women are still absent in our textbooks.