La Guarachera de Cuba: Celia Cruz

Cruz recast’s Gloria Gaynor’s famous “you’re not welcome anymore,” heartbreak anthem as a song about resilience and joy in the face of trials. The struggle for freedom, the tears for the friends we leave behind, the perseverance and the love for our people that carries us forward. The ancient song, hands on drums and feet dancing, the blood of our villages that we carry across all borders and barriers, into spaces that do not always love us but where we must love in order to survive.

The words of a Griot!

It’s refreshing to hear music that is intentionally moving away from some of this contemporary trash we have to deal with. Don’t get me wrong I be loving certain songs when they add to my overall vibe, but I acknowledge the lack of substance in a lot of the records. And while I’m not saying that I only want to listen to this conscious type of rap, I am saying that I appreciate the way in which this can impact our kids.

Moving The Culture Podcast: Hip Hop as Teacher

Welcome to Moving The Culture Podcast: Hip Hop as Teacher
In this episode we discuss Lucas Joyner’s “I’m not a Racist” and the dangers of the ahistorical point of view, particularly when it comes to Culturally Responsive applications of this work in our classrooms. We also discuss Nicki Minaj’s appropriation of Pocahontas and the ways in which Jay-Z is teaching us all how to adult.

Grand Opening. Grand Closing.

All 36 minutes of the album reverberate and affirm these themes and spark in the listener nostalgia, but a call to action: Stop shitting on our women, stop wasting this money, open businesses and make smart investments, take care of the family, be your authentic self, and if nothing else stay the hell away from Becky with the good hair. LOL