Moving The Culture Podcast: Decolonizing our Holidays, Relationships and Language Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Moving The Culture Podcast: Decolonizing our Holidays, Relationships and Language.

What does the repeated experience of discrimination and/or fighting discrimination actually do to your physical and mental health? NPR and NY Times articles.

Should we be talking to the likes of Richard Spencer and who is the “we” we talking about? Gary Younge interviews Richard Spencer

Read the articles from Erin Are we invaders, tourists or guests? and Humblevito Woke Wypipo to understand their love fest with each other and Coates.

Backward NEVER!!!

“You’re never alone, even during what your think are your weakest moments. You have thousands of years of powerful ANCESTORS within you, the blood of The Divine Great Ones in you, supreme intellect, and royalty in you. Infinite strength is always on tap for you. KNOW THAT!” -Author Unknown   Sooo New York is known […]

Native Tongue: Gullah/Geechi Nation

Recently, I was working with a teacher on a unit that was partially centered around the terms “code switching” and “code meshing”. She mentioned that her students were torn between feeling empowered to speak in their home language in all settings and still feeling somewhat “inauthentic” because they were compelled to switch their dialect and […]

Cinco De Mayo

On this Cinco De Mayo, we want to give a very special shout out to the Afro Mexican freedom fighters that contributed to the rich legacy and liberation of our Mexican brothers and sisters. With the current climate of fear and prejudice running rampant in America at this time, displaying solidarity and unity without the […]

Movements: The Diasporic Beat

A few summers ago, I created and taught a course to my high school students called Music and Movements. The course was developed around the ideology that every socially progressive or political based movement has its own soundtrack. The music for each movement serves as a way to document the emotional intent, triumphs, failures, fears, […]

Mother is Culture

“If we want to understand a people we must understand their women and their role as creators of culture. A woman, a mother is vitally important to the building and sustaining of any nation or civilization. “

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Remember that this month is about celebration and giving our students a chance to discover the beauty of the original people of this country.

Yes, we must always be critically conscious and speak to injustice AND we must also ensure that we see people, beyond their worst moments and deepest obstacles.