Preparing for the College Beckys

Identifying, navigating and coping, or rather healing from racism is part of the knowledge, skills and dispositions that Black and Brown students need to prepare for college and careers in addition to mastering their content. As Chris Rock stated in his comedy special, Tambourine, schools need to have a White orientation and a Black orientation. I couldn’t agree with him more.

True Education: Indigenous Feminism and the Fight for Autonomous Education

Our education is about having a dignified struggle and one heart, so that we can walk together in the same direction. We believe that education is not only about teaching literacy and numeracy, but also about solving problems between our peoples, how to defend ourselves, about our history and how to keep on fighting.

— Hortencia, Tseltal promoter of True Education

Kemet Queens: Melissa Harville-Lebron

I made a post on Instagram a few weeks back after hearing Chris Rock on his new Netflix special Tambourine, where he said, “only children and women are loved unconditionally; but men are loved based off of what they can provide.” At the time, more than being funny the line felt true and so considered it fair game to repost. That is until I actually wrapped my brain around the saying and started to unpack it that I realized, what he said was complete and utter BS.

#Blackgirlmagic: Young Black Girls Securing the Bag

Here are 10 Black entrepreneurs pursuing their passions all while getting that shmoney (Cardi B. voice)! I wonder how many budding entrepreneurs are sitting in your classroom? What will you do to support them with their endeavors? How can you provide them with learning experiences that will bring out their inner hustler?

Lean on me: our drug epidemic

Currently, I have been questioning the flip in messaging in our music from drug dealer to drug user. In the golden age of hip hop they rapped about selling drugs, and now the music is filled with messages about drug abuse and addiction; young kids and rappers popping molly and percocet pills, drinking Promethazine aka lean, and experimenting with other drugs.

#MeToo is dangerous asf

Now if #MeToo would stay here and be about the real power dynamics being used in the workplace, then I’m here for it. Then I’m like let’s figure out how we teach our young people about these dynamics, let’s socialize our boys and girls around their own self agency. Let talk about the institutions roll in protecting employees from intimidation and harassment.

But noooooooo, #MeToo includes every single kind of interaction between males and females and all of it is criminal. 

Moving The Culture Podcast: Seneca Village Montessori School Episode 8

This week we talk to Sharifa Hodges, the co-founder of Seneca Village Montessori School, which is an African Centered Independent Montessori school opening up in Crown Heights Brooklyn on January 2nd, 2018. Sharifa and Khalilah met on IG as their work for the liberation of Diasporic children are in full alignment. If you’re looking for a way to donate your time, talent, and treasure please consider supporting Seneca Village’s Kwanzaa Gift Drive. You can purchase The ABCs of the Black Panther Party at The book mentioned at the end of the podcast is The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex by TC Carrier. It’s a mind trip. So go slow homey. Happy Holidays!