Graduation So Black

“…we are not oriented toward individual success or the idea that you make it on your own, but rather that your accomplishment is our accomplishment.”

Backward NEVER!!!

“You’re never alone, even during what your think are your weakest moments. You have thousands of years of powerful ANCESTORS within you, the blood of The Divine Great Ones in you, supreme intellect, and royalty in you. Infinite strength is always on tap for you. KNOW THAT!” -Author Unknown   Sooo New York is known […]

Lakou Nou: Claiming Us

As I write this Femi Kuti is blasting on my phone: “Black man know yourself, don’t forget your past…” That’s it right there; our reason for being here in this together is so that we might not forget who we are and where we have been. Last weekend I participated in a day filled with […]

Mikaila Ulmer, young, gifted and Black

Women’s History Month is coming to a close but we know there will always be more to celebrate and acknowledge about the amazing women and girls of the Diaspora.  Today I want to recognize Mikaila Ulmer, the pre-teen entrepreneur who is already landed a multi-million dollar deal. At the tender age of 12 she’s making […]