Love Black

Which leads me back to the fact that June is graduation month and the question heavy on my mind is what types of graduates are we turning out and sending forth into the world? Are we imparting the knowledge and skill sets that will embolden our children to go forth and fight for human rights and against injustice? Or are we simply preparing a generation of corporate drones? Prepared solely to be consumers in the global market, and producing little of substance. Are we creating change agents or the next generation of fame and money seekers?

Being Black…enough? Rep. Adriano Espaillat

Because let’s be honest, at the heart of if Espaillat can join the Congressional Black Caucus is White Supremacy and Anti Blackness and of course deep levels of petty. The Latino identity is so complex that these poor CBC members don’t know or can’t figure out if you can be both Black and Latino. Mostly because their context of Blackness lies only in America and not in the Diaspora. But that’s just my little tiny opinion.

Ain’t I a woman?

I mean, really, where were all these White Women in their pink hats when the head of White Women feminism Hillary Rodham Clinton was running for President. And days after the march social media was blowing up with Women of Color discussing all the ways White Women were oppressive during the march and oppressive in general. One of my favorite posts was:

The Obama Legacy

“Even though the Obamas are leaving we can and should recognize what they contributed to our country and to our legacy as a people.”

Build Dikes of Courage

We are all wondering, including our students, what do we do and what can we do? We here at CREAD have given you our “We gon’ be alright” plan of action that supports you, the educator, the parent, the community member. And today we add to that the plan of action for how you support our students. It’s one step. Teach them about the life, triumph, struggles, sacrifices, and accomplishments of those who came before them, those who are working hard today and inspire them to be the next leaders and innovators of our country. We call it simply teaching them PRIDE (positive racial identity development through education) in themselves and their people.

Peace, be still

“As we all settle into this new reality, we must ensure that we do not accept it as the “new normal”. We cannot normalize hate, by saying that things “will be ok” or as the trusty pundits have asked, “to give him a chance.” “