Black Women for President…Yaaaaaasss!

The great thing about Black women is we have all the answers because we not only can identify but we call out all of the real problems. Despite what the media will have you think about Black women, we are nurturers, mothers, thinkers, doers and so much more. 

King’s Legacy: A Pacifist, A Revolutionary or Both?

While yes, technically, legal segregation is over, New York City remains one of the most segregated school systems in America. In fact, we are more segregated today than schools were during the start of the integration movement. We also have a rampantly racist President in office who recently referred to Haiti, El Salvador and all the countries in Africa as “shithole”, but we can sit wherever we want on a bus so, you know, everything is alright and Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream has come to fruition.

The lessons I wasn’t taught: MLK Jr.

All week I’ve been engulfed in his iconography and his teachings, in his likeness and his speeches. In every space I’ve gone I’ve been waiting to see the King in the last years of his life somewhere on display. The man who grew in his thinking and his understanding of human rights and the evils of White supremacy and capitalism. But that King seemingly doesn’t fit into this narrative we’ve all been fed.

Moving The Culture Podcast: Let the Kids Live Part 2

Welcome to the second half of our 1st episode of: Moving the Culture Podcast with your hosts, Khalilah, Erin and Vincent. In this episode of Let the Kids Live, we discuss what we’re reading: Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi and we discuss how Gucci Mane has escaped the TRAP by sobering all the way […]