#IssaCelebration BHM 2018

Now we teach from a woke ass, depressing and dehumanizing way. We now teach 5 year old’s about systemic racism, 12 year old’s must be able to identify the way their schools are setting them on the path to prison and 17 year old’s must organize Black Lives Matter protests and die in’s to prove their wokeness. 
I’m calling on a moratorium on discussing White oppression for the next 28 short days and to instead focus on Black girl magic, Black boy joy, Black art, Black excellence, passion, spirituality, creativity, dopeness and education.

Ok baby now let’s get in formation

Last Week Saturday our Woke Cypha Crew came together to discuss one of my favorite things, assessments:
What are we asking students to do?
Why are we asking them to do it?How are we asking them to show what they know/learned?
How does what they’re being asked to do reflect the current socio political context and prepare them for a 21st Century world? I mean, this is school, right?
At least this should be what chool is based on?
How does what I’m learning affect my life?

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for: Principles to teach by in 2018

But don’t worry, you won’t have to be patient for too long especially because we will both be on break for the next not quite 2 weeks.

Just like you, we are closing up shop and taking time to be with family and friends over this holiday season. That means:

No daily blogs…But in this last one of 2018 we got a treat!
No Podcasts…did you peep we dropped one today?
No updates on social media….well our social media manager says she’s still gonna be dropping stuff. Thank Goodness for her.

We will be back on January 2nd, refreshed, renewed and ready to take on all that comes our way.

But, we are leaving you with an early Kwanzaa present.

What are we teaching the kids? Toxic Femininity and the Sankofa Principle

The teacher begins to show me some student work and excitedly shows me one of her students assignment where the student talks about toxic femininity.

My mind is racing with all kinds of thoughts.

In my head: Oh shit some little black girl woke asf in here and recognizes that white women feminism is the epitome of toxic femininity because they practice a feminism that hates men (even though white men are oppressive asf) and isn’t intersectional and lots of times uses white supremacy to oppress women of color and poor women. I want to meet this girl and sit in on this class and revel in the awakening of the youth.

An Ever State of Rage: Being Woke & Teaching to Be It

While doing this and experimenting with varying classroom structures to improve the discussion, one student’s statement last week in a fellow teacher’s class hit home, “Miss, why yall tryna make us angry? Ya’ll tryna make us hate white people?”

Now – as Malcolm X would say, “Before you come askin’ if I teach hate, ask yourself, who taught you to hate yourself?”