Marielle Franco: Black, Lesbian, Human Rights Activist and murdered at 38.

Franco, was unapologetic in her quest to create a just and equitable world for Black people, poor people, marginalized people.
I’m sure she was afraid.
It would be impossible for her not to be.
I’m sure her loved ones, feared for her safety.
In a place where, the police are the real terrorists, how could they not fear for her?
I’m sure she knew her time would soon come to an end.
How could anyone who was dedicated to ending anti black racism not be prepared for their death…their murder.

What Black History Can Teach Us About the Gender Binary

European colonizers met non-binary people advising kings, and being spiritual leaders, warriors, and court eunuchs among nations and tribes as diverse as the Zulu, Buganda, and Amhara. Christianity and Islam coexisted with women warriors, men with long hair and braids, and women marrying each other for convenience and economic stability. The diaspora is no different; there are many examples from Brazil, Haiti, the U.S., and Cuba where African descendants break our normal expectations of men and women.

Black Brilliance in Farming

As educators, I believe we should empower Black youth and youth of color to take their rightful places in fields related to farming and agriculture. I’ve heard of students going on trips to farms and having great experiences farming because they get to be outdoors, to move around, and feel validated in bringing the knowledge they have about farming to existing environmental spaces. After learning about the ties between racism and food justice, (see this dope article by Soul Fire Co-Director Leah Penniman) Black people have an unmistakable stake in this work and it is crucial to empower our youth to be revolutionary change makers on this front.

The Quality of Our Love

I think the vision for us White folks could be grounded in the idea of going home.  That might be literal, like it has been for me in the past few years as I try to rekindle and build anew my relationships with my family in the south, and my ancestry in Ireland.  I think it can also be a more figurative calling- one rooted in the idea that as Whiteness gets smaller (which is so important) White people will need to find a home in identities outside of the power and domination that Whiteness represents.

Feeling to Drive our Alchemy

In our session, we read part of the Kalief Browder story and discussed how so much of our practice as educators and as freedom fighters is about transforming pain to power. If you don’t know about the Kalief Browder story, check out the documentary on Netflix produced by our fave, Jay Z. In summary, Kalief was a young Black male who spent over 1,000 days on Rikers Island, 800 of those days in solitary confinement for a charge he maintained he did not commit.

Cheers to a Black Ass 2018!

I’ve heard so many people say that 2017 was trash and don’t get it fucked up, between the inauguration of this Psycho (which I refused to watch), the hurricanes and sexual harassment allegations being handed out like Halloween candy, it could be difficult to find the positive. However, I have a poster in my bedroom that says, Happiness is an inside job. In order for me to be happy, I realized that I have to be unapologetically Black and this post is dedicated to that CREAD principle.