Nat Turner: ‘Dispear’

I say, “if you plot to revolt against your master, you gotta know dying is a possibility.”

The student says, “I don’t know. I might just wait. I mean that’s why there weren’t too many slave revolts in the first place.”

School Tried to Turn Me into a House Nigga

It was only after I was an adult that I realized what many of my friends probably understood back in 5th grade and that was the fact that school didn’t give a fuck about everyone, only certain people. When I received my ribbon at that ceremony, my friends clapped for me knowing that they would never have a teacher write a speech about them. They weren’t worth saving. They were forgotten.

Health is Wealth

The other night, I got the much needed chance to just relax my mind and let my conscious be free.  I was able to indulge in a few well needed and well priced might I add, Hennessy peach cherry whatchumacallits with two of my closest college homies.  A bunch of drinks, a few Salmon burgers, […]