I gotta story to tell

Biggie was our inspiration for this session because he was a masterful storyteller and we know that in order to persuade you must become a master of communication; through writing, speaking, imagery, movement. We’ve gone beyond the information age, the New Century student is all about the experiential age.

#IssaCelebration BHM 2018

Now we teach from a woke ass, depressing and dehumanizing way. We now teach 5 year old’s about systemic racism, 12 year old’s must be able to identify the way their schools are setting them on the path to prison and 17 year old’s must organize Black Lives Matter protests and die in’s to prove their wokeness. 
I’m calling on a moratorium on discussing White oppression for the next 28 short days and to instead focus on Black girl magic, Black boy joy, Black art, Black excellence, passion, spirituality, creativity, dopeness and education.

All Hail Queen Josephine

“Americans, the eyes of the world are upon you. How can you expect the world to believe in you and respect your preaching of democracy when you yourself treat your colored brothers as you do?”   As an artist and performer, I revel in every opportunity to CELEBRATE THE HISTORY OF BLACK MUSIC! The beginning […]

Productive Struggle

For the month of May we intended to focus on the African Diaspora outside of America and an American context.
My entire way of looking at the world is mediated by being an “Caribbean American” woman all I know is western colonial ideas and oppression and though I’m decolonizing my mind, to teach, blog, and spread ideas about the diaspora removed from the western mindset proved hard. It also proved to be a productive struggle.

Decolonizing Minds

“…we here in America are facing some of the very same challenges in our education system as on the continent. What we have in common with many parts of Africa is that we are still operating in a colonized system.”


Any educator in their right mind needs to listen to this album with and without your students.

We here at CREAD will be giving an in depth pedagogical break down using DAMN in a few weeks. And what we’re asking you, yes YOU reading this. Is to listen to DAMN and if there is a track that hits you right to your soul, write or draw or in someway express yourself and what you felt when you listened to it.