Moving The Culture Podcast: Let the Kids Live Part 2

Welcome to the second half of our 1st episode of: Moving the Culture Podcast with your hosts, Khalilah, Erin and Vincent. In this episode of Let the Kids Live, we discuss what we’re reading: Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi and we discuss how Gucci Mane has escaped the TRAP by sobering all the way […]

Citizen: An American Lyric

I remember being in college and missing three days of class in 4 years, never asking for an extension on a paper or assignment and always being the first one to submit my portion of a group project. I never wanted to be the one blamed for a grade reduction because my work ethic was not just a reflection on me but on any and every black person who would come after me.

This is not new rhetoric for black people. We are always concerned about recommending other people of color for positions because if they’re late one time, we are afraid that that lateness will cause all of us to be investigated.  We have a healthy amount of paranoia because there’s no such thing as being too paranoid.

Love Black

Which leads me back to the fact that June is graduation month and the question heavy on my mind is what types of graduates are we turning out and sending forth into the world? Are we imparting the knowledge and skill sets that will embolden our children to go forth and fight for human rights and against injustice? Or are we simply preparing a generation of corporate drones? Prepared solely to be consumers in the global market, and producing little of substance. Are we creating change agents or the next generation of fame and money seekers?

You are appreciated

If art imitates life, then the question becomes, why the hell do we as black men hate our women so much? And if we don’t hate them then why do we denigrate and demean them in such horrible ways?

Woke Cypha: Say Word

Awhile back, the NY Times printed a piece that basically asked, Are college lectures racist…urmmm, I mean unfair. Are college lectures unfair? and in it the writer explains that the college lecture format preferences some groups (white middle class males) over other groups (every darn body else)

Jean Toomer

“This means we look for opportunities to draw upon their current cultural riches while creating connections and deeper understanding of the origins of those riches…”

Saul Williams – The Bridge

While I was in college, Slam Poetry intrigued me. Some friends and I formed a Slam Team and we would go to different venues and ‘body’ the competition. WE WERE ILL. A select group of versatile marksmen and women equipped with different talents, gifts, skillsets, and ANYBODY COULD GET IT. We went to venues in […]