Words of Wisdom from Cardi B. A celebration of Afro-Latinidadness for Black History Month

There is an elegance to being able to capture such complex issues like Afro-Latino identities.  This issue is really as simple as a question on the Living Environment Regents.  I mean, imagine if science teachers taught the unit on genes and punnett squares through the lens of the diaspora; everyone in the room would not only be engaged, but they would know where the hell they came from…like genetically and geographically.  Hell, this quote makes me want to get a science certification just so I can ask the question: “How do Afro-Latino features manifest?” or “Can two white people create a person with African features?”

2 O’Clock Drop: BHM Blues

I just felt wetness on my face
The constant confirmation of how deeply hated and resented we are
The reminder that, not even for the shortest month of the year,
could I sit cocooned, wrapped ONLY in Black love joy and glory.
For 28 whole days.

All Black Everything: Releasing the Rage & Celebrating

Make sure the celebration is shared across your school. Black History Month has grown since my days in K-12. The “create a poster of MLK” lessons have shifted into a discovery of amazing artists, writers, painters and revolutionaries that students otherwise may ever be exposed to. Use this month to create a lesson with your students that celebrates Claudette Colvin, Bayard Rustin and The Black Panthers. Host a celebration after school, bring in food, music and dance.

Making Space for Black Joy

The teacher above had her students complete a unit in which they discussed Black culture through exploring the creation of the diaspora, themes of immigration and migration, and the carrying of customs from different parts of the world. Students had to ask their families a set of questions about their personal histories, look up traditional dress in the classroom, and then share their findings with students. And these kids were 4!!!

Listening to Pro-Black Music Made Me a Better White Person

Vermont is a hyper-liberal state that actually has a pretty robust movement to secede from the U.S. altogether.  Bernie Sanders represents Vermont.  And much like how Bernie left something to be desired in his racial politics, so did many of the hippie Vermonters I was spending my time with.  But, those Vermonters loved Bob Marley… like, LOVED Bob Marley, and by 15, he was pretty much all I listened to.  

Moving The Culture Podcast: Happy Black History Month: Now don’t mess it up!

Welcome to Moving The Culture Podcast: Episode 10 Happy Black History Month: Now don’t mess it up! In this episode we discuss Black History Month, what it means to us and how we should be CELEBRATING Black excellence vs. talking about oppression and overcoming oppression. Remember this month #IssaCelebration. We then move the conversation to talk about the Afro Latino identity and how we have individually come to our understanding of what it means to be Afro-latinidad. 

I get it how I live it: Bad girl Rih Rih

So, I’m jacking their style during our #IssaCelebration month and I’m awarding my, “I get it how I live it Award” to the one and only Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

That’s right. Bad Girl Rih Rih is life!

Shade Thrower
Professional Black Girl
Beauty, Fashion and Style Icon
And the baddest girl on the block.