Give Us Back Our Things

The part where things get insulting is when they show the images of White celebrities like Bo Derek, Juliette Lewis, Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus rocking braids and pretending like they discovered it. Wypipo, no one is saying you can’t wear braids but you gotta stop Columbusing shit.


We all know that when you “discover” people, places and things, you also rename them: Native people become Indians, Kunta Kinte becomes Toby, and cornrows become Bo braids.

Amara La Negra and Embracing Afro-Latinxs

The comment sections of these post are filled with people who think like Young Hollywood’s and serve as a reminder of how Latinxs often times ostracize their own and favor fairer skinned children, relatives and actors.

I’m in love with Mary Jane

Do you understand why I feel such a great sense of shame, now?

I never learned about Mama Bethune in my K-12 education. I hadn’t even learned about her in my college education and that’s three degrees worth of college education. Of course I had heard her name, but, I mean, I could identify her name. That’s it. I knew she was a Black Woman.
I spent so much of my career as a teacher being afraid to do what’s right for my students. I mean, I did the damn thing, thank goodness for my great principals, especially Ms. Tira Randall. But I always felt like I was being extra and I was annoying all my colleagues because I wanted to do something revolutionary.
And lastly, I battle with shame because I have big ideas for the future of education for Diasporic people and I’m constantly having to talk myself out of talking myself out of doing what I believe is true and necessary. And this woman, born of former slaves, 10 years out of slavery did all of the above.