Listening to Pro-Black Music Made Me a Better White Person

Vermont is a hyper-liberal state that actually has a pretty robust movement to secede from the U.S. altogether.  Bernie Sanders represents Vermont.  And much like how Bernie left something to be desired in his racial politics, so did many of the hippie Vermonters I was spending my time with.  But, those Vermonters loved Bob Marley… like, LOVED Bob Marley, and by 15, he was pretty much all I listened to.  

The Quality of Our Love

I think the vision for us White folks could be grounded in the idea of going home.  That might be literal, like it has been for me in the past few years as I try to rekindle and build anew my relationships with my family in the south, and my ancestry in Ireland.  I think it can also be a more figurative calling- one rooted in the idea that as Whiteness gets smaller (which is so important) White people will need to find a home in identities outside of the power and domination that Whiteness represents.

Moving The Culture Podcast: New Year Hard Truths

Welcome to our first podcast episode of the New Year! Episode 9: New Year Hard Truths. Inspired by CREAD blog posts, “Hard Truths Bring Clarity” by Humblevito and “Fear of a Black Rebellion” by Edunlevy. On this episode we discuss our 2018 goals and commitments for the work we do including the need to maintain a spiritual practice in order to live a truly anti-racist lifestyle and we discuss the many facets of Black rebellion inspired by the slave revolt of 1811 and what revolt looks like in 2018. Finally, we end our discussion talking about the often complex relationship of Black elders to Black youth via the  Ta-Nehisi Coates, Cornell West beef.
It’s been a long time and we’re happy to be back together again, moving the culture forward.
Where theory meets practice and education meets liberation.

So Dear and So Precious

Surely others had taken a stand on the issue before, but somehow the situation in Montgomery was different, and within a few months, several more young Black women were charged with violating the bus segregation rules in Montgomery, including the famous one that signaled the beginning of the official boycott.

By his next birthday, Dr. King would be fully engulfed in the controversy and struggle of the Montgomery Bus Boycotts, which he had been asked to lead just before the arrest of Rosa Parks on 12/1/1955.

Fear of Black Rebellion

I’ve written before about fear of black rebellion and how it manifests in our schools.  The knowing, or NOT knowing about the 1811 Slave Revolt (as it is commonly known) is directly related to this reality in our work as educators.

January 1st, 1804: That’s our New Year!

So, I swallowed those tears before returning to the sun shine. But what I could never swallow was my new nickname that followed me for the rest of my time living on that block, every time we walked to the train and every time I got on the cheese bus I heard the kids singing, African or  Haitian Booty Scratcher.

Which had me fucked up.
Because, again, I was Antiguan.