Cinco De Mayo

On this Cinco De Mayo, we want to give a very special shout out to the Afro Mexican freedom fighters that contributed to the rich legacy and liberation of our Mexican brothers and sisters. With the current climate of fear and prejudice running rampant in America at this time, displaying solidarity and unity without the […]

Mama Yemaya

So as today is our last day to celebrate the accomplishments and triumphs of Black people here in America and tomorrow marks the beginning of celebrating the accomplishments and triumphs of women of the African Diaspora, we thought that there would be no better way to honor this transition than to intersect these two celebrations through Mama Yemaya. She personifies the strength of diasporic women throughout the world. Full of love and expansive power and wisdom but will flip the script when she has to…talking about flipping the script.

Side bar: Now Remy, to me, is more Oya than Yemaya but I couldn’t let today pass without honoring her, again, because I know Cathleen did yesterday. You know, because it’s been 48 hours and Nicki still quiet but maybe she’s waiting for Women’s History Month to start in order to officially strike back.

Loving Blackness in the likeness of Arturo Schomburg

Arturo Schomburg had a similar, “I’m not here for this shit moment.” As a young student in Puerto Rico, Schomburg was told that Black people lacked a culture and history from one of his educators. The statement, which was an assault to him and his humanity set him off on a lifelong journey to prove that educator wrong but to also ensure that no child of the Diaspora would go without knowing the greatness of their lineage.