Amara La Negra and Embracing Afro-Latinxs

The comment sections of these post are filled with people who think like Young Hollywood’s and serve as a reminder of how Latinxs often times ostracize their own and favor fairer skinned children, relatives and actors.

An Ever State of Rage: Being Woke & Teaching to Be It

While doing this and experimenting with varying classroom structures to improve the discussion, one student’s statement last week in a fellow teacher’s class hit home, “Miss, why yall tryna make us angry? Ya’ll tryna make us hate white people?”

Now – as Malcolm X would say, “Before you come askin’ if I teach hate, ask yourself, who taught you to hate yourself?”

Cinco De Mayo

On this Cinco De Mayo, we want to give a very special shout out to the Afro Mexican freedom fighters that contributed to the rich legacy and liberation of our Mexican brothers and sisters. With the current climate of fear and prejudice running rampant in America at this time, displaying solidarity and unity without the […]