2 O’Clock Drop: Vice News

Between Russian hackers, wind technology, microbes in the gut, Puerto Rico’s bees (you know if bees go extinct we all die, right?) refugees crossing borders, numerous countries facing civil unrest (Venezuela, Catalonia, and Turkey to name a few) the pneumonic plague in Madagascar and California Wildfires…whew. We got lot’s of problems to solve!

Moving The Culture Podcast Episode 1: Let The Kids Live Pt 1

Welcome to our first episode of: Moving the Culture Podcast with your hosts, Khalilah, Erin and Vincent. In our 1st episode titled: Let the Kids live we discuss operationalizing friendships between Black and White people, Politics in the Classroom: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and This Week of Oppression in Schools: How do we teach slavery […]

Active(ist) Listening

When we talk from the heart and not from the intellect it’s almost like the stories tell themselves- they need to be told and brought out into the light.

Diaspora Spotlight: Jah Baba

When asked about his view of education in Benin Jah Baba does not hold back.  He sees that the current education system does not focus on cultural relevance but rather promotes further assimilation to Western standards and ideals.  He says “there is an emphasis on knowing things but not to be truly educated…” From his perspective, the minister of education and other politicians prioritize their own agendas but not what is in the best interest of Beninise people. Jah Baba is disappointed to see the system is “moving African youth away from their culture and youth do not have knowledge of their history but they can tell you about European or American history.”