Clare-Hope Ashitey: Professional Black Girl

I totally get where they are coming from. What I see in her is a humanity that Black actresses aren’t normally allowed to portray. Women who may have flaws but at the same time are in constant progression and development. I definitely want to see strong Black female characters on shows, but I don’t want the portrayal of that strength to be devoid of their humanity, stripped of their right to be diverse, complex and flawed.

Kemet Queens: Melissa Harville-Lebron

I made a post on Instagram a few weeks back after hearing Chris Rock on his new Netflix special Tambourine, where he said, “only children and women are loved unconditionally; but men are loved based off of what they can provide.” At the time, more than being funny the line felt true and so considered it fair game to repost. That is until I actually wrapped my brain around the saying and started to unpack it that I realized, what he said was complete and utter BS.

The words of a Griot!

It’s refreshing to hear music that is intentionally moving away from some of this contemporary trash we have to deal with. Don’t get me wrong I be loving certain songs when they add to my overall vibe, but I acknowledge the lack of substance in a lot of the records. And while I’m not saying that I only want to listen to this conscious type of rap, I am saying that I appreciate the way in which this can impact our kids.

Lean on me: our drug epidemic

Currently, I have been questioning the flip in messaging in our music from drug dealer to drug user. In the golden age of hip hop they rapped about selling drugs, and now the music is filled with messages about drug abuse and addiction; young kids and rappers popping molly and percocet pills, drinking Promethazine aka lean, and experimenting with other drugs.

The lessons I wasn’t taught: MLK Jr.

All week I’ve been engulfed in his iconography and his teachings, in his likeness and his speeches. In every space I’ve gone I’ve been waiting to see the King in the last years of his life somewhere on display. The man who grew in his thinking and his understanding of human rights and the evils of White supremacy and capitalism. But that King seemingly doesn’t fit into this narrative we’ve all been fed.

Hard truths bring clarity!

What does success look like for you? How do you plan on measuring your success and in which ways are you holding yourself accountable? These are the questions we are asking teachers participating in our Woke Cypha. We are challenging them to be reflective in their practices and intentional in their approach. Make the commitment and be the change that you hope to see in 2018.

2 O’Clock Drop: I Got Time

SB: This video is about 7 minutes long and because of that I won’t recap each and every minute, because we know ingesting too much of that trash kills brain cells.

What I will do is give you the Sports Center style highlight reel of the most insane Wypipo “Make America great again while sexually assaulting anyone you feel like in the process” rhetoric that stood out to me.