School Tried to Turn Me into a House Nigga

It was only after I was an adult that I realized what many of my friends probably understood back in 5th grade and that was the fact that school didn’t give a fuck about everyone, only certain people. When I received my ribbon at that ceremony, my friends clapped for me knowing that they would never have a teacher write a speech about them. They weren’t worth saving. They were forgotten.

Know Your Whites: Welcome to Charlottesville USA

“Our message is clear. Go home. You are not wanted in this great commonwealth. Shame on you. You pretend that you’re patriots but you’re anything but patriots…Let me give you some advice. Use your time and energy to help people.”

So this pissed me off because people kept re-tweeting and re-posting and praising the Governor because on the surface, it sounded good to them. This shit sounded like a disappointed father telling his child he wasn’t supposed to eat cookies before dinner.

He told the White Supremacists to go home.

Wait, that’s it?

Nah, you gon’ have to do better than that, homie.

Do Me a Favor and Don’t Tell Our Story: The Watts Rebellion August 11th-August 16th 1965

I never learned about the Watts Rebellion. My two points of reference include the opening scene of the film Menace II Society and the episode of A Different World when they discuss the 1992 L.A. riots following the beating of Rodney King and the killing of 15-year-old Latasha Harlins.

So that’s about 15 minutes of education. Is that all the time that this issue deserves?

Watts Rebellion August 11th-16th 1965

Damn, I’m Not Doing Enough: My Time at The Launch of Woke Folks

“We’re in the dip.” So real quick, here’s the recap: In the beginning of his presentation, Shaun has a picture projected of an old White dude named Leopold von Ranke. He is considered “the father of the study of history.” Leopold compiled all of this historical information and came to the conclusion that the rate of improvement in technology was making the world better. Better as in more convenient.
 But it wasn’t making people any better.