International Women’s Day and the wage gap

Can I be honest?

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day…just feels so very White to me. I don’t feel nothing…that’s improper grammar right? I don’t feel anything for either of these celebrations. 

Which made me wonder, did any of my teachers out there acknowledge IWD in your classrooms, last week? Have you all been doing anything for Women’s History Month? Do y’all even know the theme for this year IWD, did you know a theme existed?

Black Panther Teach In

Black Panther Teach In March 1st, 2018 Reimagining Wakanda in our Classrooms Classrooms rooted in Afro Indigenous culture and unconquered by White Supremacy   On March 1st, over 200 educators, students and community leaders gathered to watch the film Black Panther and then take part in the Teach In afterwards. We discussed the ways we […]

CREAD Presents the Nguzo Saba, Principles to teach by in 2018!

Dear educators & parents, We created this resource as a way to honor the celebration of Kwanzaa and provide you with a discussion guide that draws parallels to the past and present struggles and achievements of the Diasporic community. Professor Maulana Karenga created Kwanzaa in 1966, during the Black Nationalist movement, because he wanted to […]

2 O’Clock Drop: BHM Blues

I just felt wetness on my face
The constant confirmation of how deeply hated and resented we are
The reminder that, not even for the shortest month of the year,
could I sit cocooned, wrapped ONLY in Black love joy and glory.
For 28 whole days.

I get it how I live it: Bad girl Rih Rih

So, I’m jacking their style during our #IssaCelebration month and I’m awarding my, “I get it how I live it Award” to the one and only Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

That’s right. Bad Girl Rih Rih is life!

Shade Thrower
Professional Black Girl
Beauty, Fashion and Style Icon
And the baddest girl on the block.

I gotta story to tell

Biggie was our inspiration for this session because he was a masterful storyteller and we know that in order to persuade you must become a master of communication; through writing, speaking, imagery, movement. We’ve gone beyond the information age, the New Century student is all about the experiential age.

#IssaCelebration BHM 2018

Now we teach from a woke ass, depressing and dehumanizing way. We now teach 5 year old’s about systemic racism, 12 year old’s must be able to identify the way their schools are setting them on the path to prison and 17 year old’s must organize Black Lives Matter protests and die in’s to prove their wokeness. 
I’m calling on a moratorium on discussing White oppression for the next 28 short days and to instead focus on Black girl magic, Black boy joy, Black art, Black excellence, passion, spirituality, creativity, dopeness and education.