Sit Down. Be Humble.

…how strong White supremacy can take something righteous and pure, and turn it into savior complex steeped in White supremacy and Black inferiority.

2 O’Clock Drop: Vice News

Between Russian hackers, wind technology, microbes in the gut, Puerto Rico’s bees (you know if bees go extinct we all die, right?) refugees crossing borders, numerous countries facing civil unrest (Venezuela, Catalonia, and Turkey to name a few) the pneumonic plague in Madagascar and California Wildfires…whew. We got lot’s of problems to solve!

That’s how colonized I am

  So, yeah, that was a picture of Frederick Douglass that came through with this mornings post. Why would I think there would be a picture of Nat Turner on the interwebs, at least not a picture like that? So I had to say something. And that something is… SHAME. But on the bright side, […]

Nat Turner: ‘Dispear’

I say, “if you plot to revolt against your master, you gotta know dying is a possibility.”

The student says, “I don’t know. I might just wait. I mean that’s why there weren’t too many slave revolts in the first place.”