It’s Black Music Month

It is with great honor that I bring you the very last episode we recorded for “Moving the Culture Podcast” where we discuss Kanye West and Donald Glover’s “This is America.”  We talk about the many interpretations of these artists most recent works and statements and the best and worst ways educators can use these discussions to connect to classroom content and engage students in their critical thinking.

The days since Khalilah has passed have been some of the hardest, the most heart rending, surreal, the most challenging of my life so far. Words cannot measure her importance, not just to me, as a friend and a leader and a business colleague but to so many of you whom she touched, inspired, motivated, pushed, loved and supported like the loving Goddess Boss woman teacher, power speaker that she is. It’s still hard for me to speak of her in the past tense.

I know she would have wanted the episode of this podcast to go out on schedule like we had planned.

As the editor and co-producer, it has been my immense pleasure to record and craft and be apart of this dynamic team with Khalilah and Erin and Vincent It brings me such joy to listen to this. I feel her still here with us like nothing ever happened. I remember her always like this, bright, laughing, fierce, joyful, passionate, lovingly challenging, determined, which makes this whole thing so much harder to accept.

Please listen on your own time, something, which I know she would have wanted us all to do. But as she would say, don’t take too much time.

Love to you all.

-Zenzile Greene Daniel

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  1. Love these coversations
    So natural ,truthful and deep. We need to continue to have these types of discussions around topics that tease our taughts on world views

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