In the age of Trump…

Good Morning my lovely people! How the hell are ya?

Let me not act like a dude, and start chatting you up, ignoring the fact that I haven’t called, texted or seen you in a few weeks, but I’ve been on social media liking and sharing and clowning.

Yes, I’ve been a little MIA for a bit. I don’t know what to tell you, there’s no excuse.

But, what I can tell you is that I got my mind right, now. And you’re all that I need and I’m gonna be better, do better and you know, you’ll love me again. Lol.

Ok, no seriously. It has been crazy around here for the last couple of weeks, just deadlines and proposals and workshops and then I took my spring break and went to Jamaica for carnival and it has taken me this long to get back into the swing of things.

But now, I’m swinging yall.

So let’s get to it.

Wypipo think they’re Trump

I think wypipo collectively, think they are Donald Trump right now. It’s the only plausible reason for their blatant racist behavior.

They are like: my president is a racist, I can be one too. F these Blacks, they are screwed.

I mean, in the last seven days (I believe) we have seen:

Tell me, this isn’t the manifestation of wypipo drunk off of Trumpism? They are losing their minds, they are giddy with the idea of putting Black folks, “back into their permanent place of subservience.”

They also think they are the police, because the police are allowed to kill Black bodies with impunity and not face any criminal charges, and if charged, not be convicted. In these cases; the manager was removed (not fired), the former firefighter arrested and in jail awaiting trial charged with attempted murder, the old white woman arrested for battery and now Starbucks is closing  8000 of their stores on May 29th to do anti bias training.

Side bar: I saw the best tweet ever, that said, something like, “Starbucks please excuse all Black people with pay from that training because Lord we can’t live through a day of all those micro aggressions.”

As a person who does anti-bias training that Tweet was life, because I literally have to check wypipo (with love) all damn day during those trainings.

I’m lying, Erin, be checking them with love. I check based on reality and wanting to ensure that the POC’s in the room, do not, experience the trauma of wypipo’s obliviousness when we supposed to be addressing their racism.

50 years Later

On April 4th, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination. (That just sounds awkward, “celebration,” and “assassination” in the same sentence but I don’t know what else to call it.)

And by we, I mean white folks and church folks because I damn well know that New York City classroom teachers ain’t do a thing to honor Dr. King’s legacy on the anniversary. We were on Spring Break. I sure enough was on a plane to Jamaica that day. I mean, I thought about it, a bit, but that’s all I did was think about it. Clearly we didn’t even write about it on CREAD.

But you know who honored the anniversary and spoke about it?

Harry Belafonte.

He was interviewed on PBS News Hour and dropped the mic and gave me life with this:

“Until White America regains or identifies a moral course of history. I don’t think anything is going to happen. I think America will self destruct…”

“It’s not fixable unless white folks decide to change their conduct. The only thing that Black folks are left to do is to burn it down. We’ve been lynched. We’ve been murdered and as you look around, never before in my 91 years of history as an American have I seen the nation more racially divisive than at this very moment, including the days of the Ku Klux Klan and the segregation laws of the south.”

Harry Belafonte, PBS News Hour April 6th, 2018

You got seven minutes? Watch it:


Baba Belafonte said, “Black folks gotta burn it down.”

By it, I believe he means Americas racist existence.

Now, the inner white man in my head, who I have been trained to adhere to immediately was like, “oh no…Mr. Belafonte…we can’t burn it down. The white people will be so angry at us.”

Yep, that thought crossed my mind. I ain’t afraid to admit this.

But then my higher self, steeped in love for Black people and all humanity and the world was like, “F that! Burn this shit tf down!”

It has been 50 years since Dr. King was murdered. Two measly generations since we were seen as less than humans. My mom is just turning 60, so in her lifetime there were separate water fountains and bathrooms and theatre entrances for Blacks and Wypipo.

And in those 50 years since, we’ve had the abuses of the FBI through COINTELPRO, the abandonment of our Vietnam veterans, the drug epidemic of heroin and crack, the spreading of HIV and AIDS into our community, the development and under development of urban slums, the intentional dismantling of the Black family, the war on drugs, and the continued use of state sanctioned murder and abuse by the police.

I mean, Richard Nixon was President from 1969 (a year after King’s assassination) to 1974. What’s that? 6 years, almost two terms. And immediately after King’s death he began his war on Black folks:

“You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities,” Ehrlichman said. “We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

Nixon domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman 

So we had Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now motherf’ing Trump.

That’s: War on drugs I (Black folk), Welfare Queen Propaganda and War on Drugs II (Black folk), Crime Bill (against Black folk), No Child Left Behind (except Black Kids), Can’t we all get along policies by Obama and now I’m a blatant racist and I have the nuclear codes.

That’s been our 50 years.

It’s time to burn it down!

We can not continue to try and build up our nation on this foundation. Like Usher says, we just gotta let it burn. Fire destroys and replenishes, and gives us the opportunity to start a new.

As educators the way we can burn it all down is to educate our students for freedom and liberation. We have to find the balance between pointing out all the injustices we face, while showing our beauty, resilience, creativity and power.

We don’t have time to be worrying about the white man’s…or in the case of our schools the white woman’s feelings. We so busy worrying about their feelings as Black bodies, minds and hearts are being destroyed.

We as educators gotta take a stand. There’s no neutrality.

We gotta read more.

We gotta experiment more.

We gotta congregate more so we can build school communities that build the type of curriculum that educates, advocates, inspires and embodies freedom.

In the age of Trumpism and white people drunk off of the possibility of turning the clock back 50 or 100 years we gotta do something else other than sit on our frigging hands talking about but I have to prepare them for the state test.

I was interviewed on Monday and the interviewer asked me, “so do you think we (Black folks) need to form our own schools?

I said, “Absolutely. We need to build our own independent schools, we need to hold public schools to account, along with charter, private and parochial schools. We need to home school, we need freedom schools. We need to do ALL of the above.”

There is not one course of action we need to take when it comes to our children. We need all actions and we need to hold EVERYBODY and EVERY institution to account for the welfare of our children.

I am tired.

Not tired of this work. No, this work fuels me. I’m just tired of everyone being so scared to speak the truth and then act based on it.

We are living in the age of Trump and Mama Assata told us we got nothing to lose but our chains.

So let’s lose the chains, starting with the chains on our minds and the minds of our youth.

This is not a call, to lecture to the kids about these recent events. No, boss. Please no lectures. Instead examine yourself. Ask yourself, why am I teaching? What am I teaching? What is my purpose here in the school, in this classroom?

Like, why are you here? Why do you get the honor of developing the minds of the future? And what are you doing with that honor? What are you afraid of? Why are you afraid of it? Shit, you need to ask yourself if you should move on to another profession, because if you’re not the solution….your ass is the problem.

In Solidarity!

Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
And another
Is finally
And permanently
And abandoned –
Everywhere is war –
Me say war.


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