Moving The Culture Podcast: New Year Hard Truths

Welcome to our first podcast episode of the New Year! Episode 9: New Year Hard Truths.

Inspired by CREAD blog posts, “Hard Truths Bring Clarity” by Humblevito and “Fear of a Black Rebellion” by Edunlevy. On this episode we discuss our 2018 goals and commitments for the work we do including the need to maintain a spiritual practice in order to live a truly anti-racist lifestyle and we discuss the many facets of Black rebellion inspired by the slave revolt of 1811 and what revolt looks like in 2018. Finally, we end our discussion talking about the often complex relationship of Black elders to Black youth via the  Ta-Nehisi Coates, Cornell West beef.

It’s been a long time and we’re happy to be back together again, moving the culture forward.

Where theory meets practice and education meets liberation.


  1. Just like our sixties movements ;these movements will have different angles. Our battles will be from all sides of the table . We are divided into various mine sets. Base on our levels of knowledge and ansestral power.Its our truths. Focus point must be the same. Anti Racism. what matters most. Black liberation, is our unifying goal. We are moving forward.

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