We are the ones we’ve been waiting for: Principles to teach by in 2018

Good Morning Family,

Did you miss us? For those of you who have been following us since we launched a year and a half ago, you know we post every school day…but we’ve been incognegro the last 2 days.

Yep, I mean in-cog-negro. (I slay me)

What you should also know is that, we (CREAD and MRM) just launched our publishing company and dropped our first book: The ABCs of the Black Panther Party on Tuesday night.

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And…so….yeah….I have been swamped.

Tuesday marked the end of a year long journey in bringing this book into existence and we are so excited to have it in people’s hands. One journey has ended and now another begins.

So what I’m saying is be patient with me and us as we figure out how to manage our growing empire.


And be on the look out for our Parent/Teacher Guide to support the books and a bunch of other goodies we got in store for you in 2018.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to be patient for too long especially because we will both be on break for the next not quite 2 weeks.

Just like you, we are closing up shop and taking time to be with family and friends over this holiday season. That means:

No daily blogs…But in this last one of 2018 we got a treat!
No Podcasts…did you peep we dropped one today?
No updates on social media….well our social media manager says she’s still gonna be dropping stuff. Thank Goodness for her.

We will be back on January 2nd, refreshed, renewed and ready to take on all that comes our way.

But, we are leaving you with an early Kwanzaa present.

Let me give you some context:

Last year, Cathleen and I were thinking a lot about the principles we want to embody here at CREAD. We had spent the summer before crafting and outlining CREAD teacher principles. It was an all consuming process. We wondered are we being repetitive? Are we making things harder than need be and were we indeed remaking the wheel?

Eventually we decided that we should seek principles that already existed versus trying to create new ones and then the holiday season came, specifically Kwanzaa and we began thinking about the Nguzo Saba principles as a guide for business and life.

My problem was that Kwanzaa felt so very stuck in the 70s. The imagery, the stories, the approach, felt like remnants of a Black Power past, not connected to the present and definitely not ready for the 21st century future.

When people say, Happy Kwanzaa there is a tinge of sarcasm and mild disgust in the air. But for me, I am intent on decolonizing myself and especially my holidays and celebrations.

And I thought: what if we brought Kwanzaa into the 21st century here at CREAD?

What would that look like?
How would we do it?
When could we actually make it happen?

Those were the questions, here is the answer!

Partnering with The Radical Maestra (follow her on IG y’all) we created our 2018 Teacher’s Guide to embodying the Nguzo Saba principles in the way we teach:

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 8.38.15 AM.png

Together, we wanted to use the Sankofa principle as a teaching tool, showing the connections between our Black Powered Past, to our very Black Present and inspiring the minds of our Pro Black future.

And while this Teacher’s Guide is about how we guide the youth to enact change and make the world a better place, it is also about reflecting on ourselves as educators and parents, and asking, how are we enacting change in our own lives?

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 8.38.38 AM.png

How can we teach to others what we have not done for ourselves?

So let me break down the guide:

We studied the principles and aligned them to actions done by our sheroes and heroes in the past and present. We share a brief synopsis of both the past and present representative and then we hit you with some essential questions to reflect on.

The type of questions that, when dug into deeply will impact your curriculum, your  pedagogy, your content and your relationships with your students? And while we know that the next 6 work days off is a time to step away from the demands of the profession, we hope you will find the time, to think deeply about these principles and begin to make them the perspective from which you teach.

For us here at CREAD these principles are the values that we will be embodying in the New Year.

We hope that starting on the 26th, you take some time out each day to review that principle, the people or movement we chose to embody that principle, answer the questions we propose and resolve to transform your beliefs, your practices and your policies.

Listen, y’all, we appreciate each and every person who reads our blog, listens to our podcast, follows us on social media, and showers us with love and support.

So from Abram, MisToiny, Only1Khalya, Erin, DJC Speaks, HumbleVito, Floryter, The Radical Maestra, JayCali, UrbanEve and I, we wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous and transformative New Year.

In solidarity,

You know 2018 is a #2 year in numerology which means we are in store for more….aww man, y’all not ready for this numerology stuff. 

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