2 O’Clock Drop: I Got Time

Disclaimer: From now on whenever you see the, “today I got time cuz” meme its because I’ve seen Wypipo doing some unbelievably WHITE shit that I cannot allow to go unchecked.


This is the “clap at, before they can clap back” time of the day.

Question: How many of you good people out there followed the Alabama debacle they called an election this week?


Roy MOTHER EFFIN Moore: the pedophilic, womanizing, LGBTQ hating evil motherfucker, who is a White supremacist cloaked in conservative garb.

But I’m not even going to waste my time on him.

Instead, I want to talk about this WHITEASS video that VSB posted about on Monday, that Panama Jackson shared in, “This Video of White People Who Are Sticking by Roy Moore Is the Whitest and Most Insane Thing That Ever Happened This Week”.

The video focused on the evil Wypipo who supported an evil ass Moore….well… because…. he’s a White (White Supremacist) male (Privileged) Republican (White Privileged) in a conservative (White) state.

In the opening of his article Jackson states:

I’m not going to do a minute-by-minute recap of this video. I can’t. You just have to watch it. I’m literally too flabbergasted to do so. And I don’t get flabbergasted often, but this video … good gotdamn. Watching white folks whitefolkin’ is something we’re all used to by this point, but Meek Mill could not envision the levels of white to which these motherfuckers have achieved in this video.”

I imagine while writing this piece that there were a slew of things that kept Jackson from really digging into this video and chewing Wypipo a new one.

Like spending time with the family, creative endeavors, or like taking in a Sunday afternoon of college sports.

In short, he just “didn’t have time cuz.


But I do!


SB: This video is about 7 minutes long and because of that I won’t recap each and every minute, because we know ingesting too much of that trash kills brain cells.

What I will do is give you the Sports Center style highlight reel of the most insane Wypipo “Make America great again while sexually assaulting anyone you feel like in the process” rhetoric that stood out to me.

While none of this shit was surprising, as nothing racist Wypipo do or say ever surprises me, I did think they were particularly bold for having the audacity to defend these misogynistic, bigoted ideals on national television.

The conversation was moderated by Republican strategist Frank Luntz, and he kicks it off by asking “Who is a Christian?” to which the whole room replies YES. Duh Frank, you’re talking to conservative Whites in Alabama.They damn sure ain’t Muslim.

Luntz: Do you believe Roy Moore is a good Christian?





So you can be a pedophile and a good Christian at the same time?

You can use hateful rhetoric that demeans people’s sexual orientation and still be a good Christian?

What the hell is a good Christian anyway?

In the 1800s it was somebody who owned lots of slaves and a prosperous plantation.

During the Jim Crow South it was someone who helped uphold segregation and further reminded “niggers” that they were less than Whites.

A good Christian is seemingly any White person who is pure in intention, though he may sin, but is ready to repent. GTFOH!

When Luntz challenges their depiction of Moore as a good Christian by bringing up the sexual assault allegations levied against him, the Wypipo said: “accused is, not found guilty.”

One woman even said, “God doesn’t expect us to be perfect.”

Really sis? God doesn’t expect perfection, but I’m also sure that he doesn’t expect for us to be running around sexually assaulting women and children either.

I’m just saying!

Scottie Jones, a real estate developer explains that Roy Moore is entitled to the “presumption of innocence in the law and the Bible like anybody else.”

Scottie, were you high during this interview? And if people are to be afforded this presumption of innocence, is that only Wypipo?

Jones goes on to say “All you have is a group of women that have come forward and said he did it.”

I guess their statements wouldn’t matter if they said something subjective like “Roy Moore is a douche” or “ Roy more is unattractive.” No, they said he sexually assaulted them. That doesn’t hold any weight in your mind Scottie? Do they need to record themselves being assaulted for you to believe them Scottie?


Mind you, there are White women in the room, as well as White men who have daughters, and in the end they are like “F that. Them girls is lying.”

This shows that White women will chose their race above their gender every time.


A woman in the video attests to dating older men as a teen, and calls Moore’s accusers liars. She admits to being in situations where she was sexually harassed, from her first hand perspective, and yet, she still says these women are lying.

This video and the comments are mind boggling, but all in all they aren’t the first time we’ve heard Wypipo utter these notions.

We know White men think they are above the law.

We know that White women will pick whiteness above womanness, all the time.

We know that White people think Black people are inferior.

We know that conversations like this are had by Wypipo across the country all the time.

Halfway through the video, maybe sensing that the rest of the people in the room were probably beating around the bush, Harry Vance a financial trading instructor, decides that he was gonna stop bullshittin and “say it with his chest.”

“You always vote conservative.”

Stripped of all of the coded language, Harry Vance essentially said that he wants to “make America great again,” and he’s willing to vote for a pedophilic conservative White supremacist; who hates everyone from gays to Blacks in order to do it.

After some more White-splaining, Luntz asks the crowd the money question.

Luntz: “Out of 60 people we recruited for this group, you guys made it and there’s not a single African American in the group. Why do you think that’s the case?”

Wypipo: “Welcome to Alabama.”

Bisshhhhh Whet’d? (Thats Brooklynese for B***h what the hell you just said?)

So you’re going to just call a spade a spade and admit that that’s just “how y’all do” down here in Alabama, and think that shit is a ok?

This is why I don’t bang with the South.

They ain’t embarrassed by the legacy of the confederacy or the way it has shaped their contemporary thoughts on race relations in America.

They are the groups of Wypipo who believe they are actually being discriminated against and marginalized by an American society that caters more towards “niggers” and “homos” then “decent, hardworking White Men.”  


They blamed race relations and their decline in Alabama on former president Obama and his use of what one White women termed as his “divisional rhetoric.”

Another woman follows up with “Why does it always come down to race? Why can’t we just be Americans, Alabamians?”

They are in a room with no Black representation, in a state made up of about 26% of African Americans, and have the nerve to say that race relations aren’t that bad. HUH? Did all the Black folk have hair appointments that day? Nah. Nah. Maybe it was a national fried chicken and watermelon juicing contest that day, that every African American just couldn’t pass up.


Wypipo say the darndest most RACIST THINGS!

We Wypipo really gotta do better.

Like really.


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