Decolonizing our Holidays, Relationships and Language

Welcome to Part 1 of Moving The Culture Podcast: Decolonizing our Holidays, Relationships and Language. In this episode we discuss what we think our students should be learning in school about Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month, if White people can be trusted to be allies in our schools and how we feel about White folks using the N word when we’re talking about hip-hop as youth culture music.

If you want to begin to decolonize your holidays check out Khalilah’s blog: No longer celebrating European holidays as well as our posts on Native American Heritage Month over the last month.

Below are the links to articles and videos discussed in this episode

The link to the book Encounter that Erin discusses.
Here is the NY Times article: Can my children be friends with white people?
Learn more about Racial Identity Development.
Paul Laurence Dunbar: We wear the mask.
Ta-Nehisi Coates video: You can’t say nigger.

Last but not least, We’re also celebrating the launch of The ABCs of the Black Panther Party on December 19th! Please join us in the celebration here!

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