I’m just not that into you

You know, I get told I come for Wypipo a lot and that at times my blogs may come across as if I hate Wypipo.

This is not the case my melanin deprived brethren.

Me “hating” Wypipo is really the furthest thing from the truth, and never the point of anything I write.

Now Wypipo, The street prophet Cardi B said “I don’t bother with these hoes, don’t let these hoes bother me.” #Unbothered

That’s a bit beside the point, but it just felt right to say.

It’s not that I don’t bang with Wypipo because I think some of you are actually quite swell; I mean at least those of you who are anti-racist. Those of you who do the actual work of dismantling White supremacy.

See I think y’all take it that CREAD is for everyone. I mean anyone. If nothing else, for everyone who can understand the English language. NO NO NO NO NO, Silly rabbit Eurocentric colonizers, tricks are for kids assimilationist.


Members of the African Diaspora.

I mean it’s nice that you found your way here. And if in fact you are here for the right reasons, well then the Wypipo I describe are not representative of you my friend. And if you’re not here for anything positive, well recline your lazy boy (idk why I imagine a segregationist 30+ year old White male somewhere reclined in one of those ugly chairs hating. LOL!) and enjoy this good ole shade.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 7.55.34 AM.png

You see I never wanna speak on Wypipo. I mean for the obvious reasons I suppose. Like I’m sure Wypipo sign my checks, which help me pay for my livelihood, my daughters livelihood, my daily hot and spicy chicken sandwiches from Shake Shack (those shits are amazing) and even this dope ass iPhone I’m clapping at y’all on. LOL!

Wypipo, for that, You are appreciated (Tupac voice).

See I was pretty much cool with cutting Wypipo some slack once Kanye went hard on Taylor Swift that one time, even though, everybody knows Kanye goes HARD all the time. Then we got a Black President and I got to thinking like “yo maybe I can finally chill now.” But then, just like that, fast forward and y’all elect y’alls a pumpkin spice colored president. This Cheddar Pringle pigmented woman abuser who, in 20 Fucking (sorry Mom) 17, is using our tax dollars to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

Yea now I can’t let y’all rock no more.

See the problem is, Wypipo want a merit badge for compassion, surface level care (which is all White-peopling has to offer), the classic pity party; and for Black people that just ain’t enough.

If I closed my eyes for a day or a week; shit even if I closed them for a month. When I decide to open them, Black bodies would still be being brutalized and shot down in these streets.


Forgotten under empathetic tears or Whitesplaining. Why pity me when you kill WE persistently? San Juan to Somalia, still Black and Brown bodies perish consistently. I digress!

Back to my original point. You see, I feel as though I need to constantly put on for Black people and a natural byproduct of that is checking Wypipo on their Whiteness, and the way their White privilege leads to Black oppression.  Not to mention that everyday that I turn on my television or flip through a newspaper, I see White people doing shit that just will not allow me to let up.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 7.56.23 AM.png

Things like but not limited to:

  • Betty Jo Shelby- Because it’s absurd in this day and age to believe that WHITE men and women entrusted to serve the police force would be incarcerated for killing an unarmed Black man, and even more absurd to believe that it should live on their arrest record; forever following them and further complicating their White privilege. I mean DUH, #BlueLivesMatter.
  • Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Yalls President and every other White man who thinks that sexual assault is to White men, what colonization is to White men. Manifest destiny.
  • Roy Moore and all of you so called “conservative” politicians in position to affect our laws and legislation, who use divisive language as a means of covering up his true feelings towards anyone not white White supremacy. He is famous for such lines as “the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling Is ‘Even Worse’ Than 1857 Pro-Slavery Decision”. REALLY MY GUY?
  • Hayden Kennedy and Jodan Peck, The neo nazi who got duffed out in Charlottesville and any other White supremacist, Alt-right, White nationalist douchebags, who think it’s cool to attack and murder defenseless Black people. All I gotta say is bring your next “demonstration” to Brownsville, Compton, the Southside of Chicago, Atlanta or any other place Black folk don’t fuck around. Thanks. Sincerely, Management.
  • The 55 percent of you Wypipo that actually believe that you face racial discrimination. Because like Damon Young alluded to in his blog a week ago, 55 percent (if not more) of Wypipo are stupid. Because Wpipo love White-peopling Black causes I guess they decided to try their hand at  discrimination as well.
  • The outright White supremacist teaching assistant at Virginia Tech and anyone like him in similar positions; because, I mean, do I really want a racist grading my paper?
  • The Las Vegas terrorist White rapist brother. I mean having a  White child molestor and a White terrorist as your son, is kind of counterproductive to the narrative y’alls president spins about how those illicit activities belong to Mexicans and Muslims. Nope just plain ole Wypipo.
  • Laura Amico and every White person who wants to standardize and normalize every and anything White. Oooh you ask how Laura got put in this category? Well she likes to tell her ethnically diverse students to speak “American.” Umm. Yea. Laura. American isn’t a language babygirl. SMH!
  • American Airlines and their attempts to embody the “American” in their name by violating the liberties of Black passengers. You know you done lost favor with Black folk, when the NAACP  issues a travel advisory. IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!
  • Bruce Beresford, the director of the LifeTime movie “Flint.” Because only Wypipo, a White man, and Whiteass Lifetime would think it’s ok to make a movie about a crisis that hasn’t been solved. Residents of Flint Michigan still got dirty drinking water people.
  • Megan Mcardle and all Wypipo that seek to tell us what White supremacy, institutional or structural racism is. Ummm. Yea. We are the ones affected by it Megan, so I’m sure we know how to identify it, and if not we damn sure don’t need Wypipo doing it for us
  • Jeff Sessions, who has to be the worst White man on the planet; after his boss that is, and the man who quiets Harvey Weinstein’s victims.
  • All White people (mainly young White male and female college students) who make racially charged videos on social media. You are all sad, miserable, and obviously have very boring social lives.
  • Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran and all White men like them, whose White male privilege keeps their star rising by commodifying Blackness; just like most White Male stars, and a who’s who of White Female Stars. i.e Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters      (the White female version of Justin. Complete with Black cultural appropriation).
  • Richard Spencer and you other seemingly intelligent racist pieces of shit. It’s not your supposed “intelligence” we hate; but more so the White hate you spew using said “intelligence” as a vehicle.
  • ESPN, Jerry Jones, BlueLivesMatter, WhiteLivesMatter, and any other White entity that shed White tears over Black activism.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 7.57.09 AM.pngCovering the totality of overt White supremacy since you all done elected Trumpito would have me writing a dissertation.

So if these are all the Wypipo and White privileged ish I can’t stand, then I’m sure you’re wondering what constitutes a “good” White person in my book?

Well good sir or madame, I’ll tell you.

To be one of those Wypipo myself and other Black people can rock with, I’m g’on need you to be an ANTI-RACIST White person.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 7.57.42 AM.png

Now let’s not confuse this with a “good” White person because honestly, it’s not enough to me if you’re just a “good” White person. I know White men who think they are “good” men, yet they are still perpetrators of toxic masculinity. I see the White cops that think they are “good” cops, although they are witness to acts of police brutality and abuse, yet they say nothing.

You see “good” in these instances, like it is for Wypipo in most cases, simply implies what people assume to be well intentioned. They think if you are well meaning that you are “good”; even though the good is often lost in translation.

I’m sorry “good” people, but your well meaning intentions ain’t enough for me. I don’t care if you have a Black friend, or enjoy Black entertainment, or even if you’re Rachel Dolezal and think you are Black.

In the end, if you ain’t working to dismantle and destroy White supremacy, if you aren’t out here realizing that being pro-Black doesn’t mean anti-White people (but it does mean eff White hate, White rage, White oppression and all the other evil shit Wypipo bring to the table), and if you ain’t working towards the liberation of Black people; well then I’m sorry.

I’m just not that into you.

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