Moving The Culture Podcast Episode 1: Let The Kids Live Pt 1

Welcome to our first episode of: Moving the Culture Podcast with your hosts, Khalilah, Erin and Vincent. In our 1st episode titled: Let the Kids live we discuss operationalizing friendships between Black and White people, Politics in the Classroom: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and This Week of Oppression in Schools: How do we teach slavery and the 6th grader who was yoked up because he sat for the pledge of allegiance.

Let us know what you like, dislike, agree or disagree with and feel free to ask questions, comment and to push our thinking. If you want us to talk about something specifically, drop the comment below.

Watch out for part 2 coming soon.


  1. As a black woman with 3 children in the public school system I do agree that there is no platform that allows students as well as teachers to not only be themselves but simmer down when tensions are high. I know it’s hard for educators now especially when kids will get violent with them, which is why I am so serious with my children when it comes to behavior in the classroom and their grades. I do agree that everyone is uncomfortable with teaching slavery but I feel as though as long as you’re teaching is based in truth and you have a heart for what you are doing you will be ok. I think one of our main problems is that most teachers forget that in addition to loving to teach you have to have a passion and understanding for the children you are teaching. At no point in time do I feel it ok for any adult to snatch a student out of their seat for any reason. You are only teaching them to be violent and forceful when someone has an opinion that differs from theirs. As far as the school that taped children’s wrists in an effort to teach about slavery, that’s the most idiotic thing I have heard. You guys did a wonderful job. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  2. Thank you Leslie, I agree that we have to teach slavery truthfully, it’s just that this country struggles with the truth.

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