Happy Anniversary: Engage, Increase & Lead

Welcome Back Family,

It has been two weeks since you’ve last heard from us. We needed that little break. And you can see we’ve been doing some redecorating and reorganizing around these parts. We got a new logo, a new look and a new attitude.  But we’ve still got the same great content.


We launched CREAD on September 5th, 2016 and we had some pretty simple goals:

  • Blog every single school day.
  • Impact the hearts and minds of educators of the Diaspora.
  • Create a community of educators focused on education for liberation.

We blogged on every school day except for ONE. The one day missed was my day. 🙁

We secured our first paid contract 4 months after our launch with our signature workshop: The CREAD Woke Cypha in Spring 2017. We worked with 12 teachers to transform their practice.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.59.14 AM.png

We presented at our first conference: The Decolonizing Education Conference in Spring 2017. Where we introduced our signature workshop: The Woke Cypha and unveiled our 2nd workshop: The Pedagogy of Trap.

We gained just over 200 subscribers getting our blog in their mailbox daily.

And we grew from a team of two to a crew of nine and we’re continuously growing.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.38.35 AM.png

We’ve done good.


This year, we’ve set even higher goals:

We’re dedicated to engaging our current community of subscribers through social media, and providing resources and services.

We’re committed to increasing our current community by at least 10 fold by August 2018.

And we are set on leading a movement for Diasporic educators and parents to disrupt and dismantle the current education of our students and replacing it with knowledge of self and liberation.


Now, we know that you may have missed some of our dope work over the summer break, so before we drop some new ish on you and…because, well this was one hell of a summer, let’s look back before we move forward.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.03.03 AM.pngSummer started off dope asf because Jay Z moved the culture by dropping his new album 4:44. We spent an entire week fawning over that piece of greatness. Have you subscribed to Tidal yet?

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.04.27 AM.png

And then we honored our foremothers and forefathers with our celebration of Black August.

Finally we spent an emotional week dissecting the way the Cheeto in Chief moved hatred during the aftermath of Charlottesville.

A lot has happened.

You would think that the above pieces, plus all that has happened in Texas, summed up the summer but our contributors gave us so much more food for thought.

Humble Vito kept us on our toes, dissecting every level of Whiteness there is. He taught us how to spot them while they’re White-peopleing and how to separate Wypipo from “Melanated Wypipo,” all to remind us that we’re currently living in Trump’s America.

Only1Khalya helped us to “Know our Whites,” reclaim Kalief Browder’s time and put us on to the rise of the Sophistiratchet.

Mistoiny spent most of her summer in Benin, West Africa (jealous) but she came back dropping some serious diasporic love, spotlighting Regine Romain and Jah Baba.

NakeebaRoots went back ah yard (Jamaica) and came back to remind us that we have everything we need to move our people; with reflections on Black August, Insecure and the Move Family, she stayed tying culture to liberation.

And I was on some real ladies first ish, celebrating Mary Jane, Assata, Ida and Sister Souljah.

So, listen, I know today is your first day back and you’ll be arranging your classrooms, sitting in PD and reuniting with your colleagues while meeting the newbies to the profession and your building. Please, be kind and gentle to them.

But I gotta get you thinking, how will you honor and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? I mean it just sneaks up on you. September 15th will be here before you know it. We’re preparing for it and want to support you. We rocked it last year, focusing on the African experience in “Latin America.” Click on that hyperlink above and get ya mind working.

I mean, do you know why HHM starts on the 15th? And do you know which countries are celebrated? We doooooooo.


Sign up for our newsletter and get our teacher guide to Hispanic Heritage Month 2017 as soon as it drops!

So whether this is your first year teaching or your 25th, we honor you and we invite you to build community with us.

Meh love ya long time!


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