Lucille Clifton

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June Jordan, Alice Walker, Lucille Clifton and Audre Lorde reading at the Phillis Wheatley poetry festival circa





“Don’t follow convention, write about your hips, your babies, your culture and heritage of your people…” that’s Lucille Clifton. The late poet was both real and regal. Clifton and her body of work is highly regarded in the world of American poetry.a05200248b77f1c79fdcafde476979fa

Her poems are about adversity, enduring through struggle and African American experience, especially family life.

Although she was a prolific poet, Clifton was also an author of children’s books. She wrote several books for children about new siblings, city life parent-child relationships

Everett Anderson’s Goodbye won the Coretta Scott King Award in 1984. The story is part of series that focuses on a young black boy.  In this particular story Everett is coping with the death of his father. This book provides a compassionate look at the emotional world of a grieving child.


Clifton’s books for children focused on helping children understand their feelings through family experiences and also their connection to their heritage.

Clifton’s work encourages us to lovingly center the emotional experiences of our students and their home lives. Use poetry to let yout students give voice to the parts of themselves that truly matter.

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