The Honorable “Auntie” Maxine Waters

We pondered and planned on what we might post on today, January 20, 2017 and then we pondered some more and realized that on this inauguration day it is time for some pettiness.  No matter how serious and analytical you may be normally, every once and a while you have to take time out to embrace the petty in you.

We all started this week honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther KIng Jr. and as today drew closer we realized the inevitable would occur.  Yet there has been one highlight in the midst of this, one glimmer of realness that cannot be ignored and that is the “not here for the nonsense” attitude of Congresswoman Maxine Waters from the state of California.  The west coast maybe a sunny place but Waters keeps folks in permanent shade with her candid remarks on all things Trump.

So when journalists want to know why she won’t be attending the inauguration, she makes it plain…see her response here:


What we deeply appreciate about her is that she is consistent in her criticism of the shenanigans that continue to unfold with this incoming administration.  Earlier this month she was asked about the hearings with the FBI director and here is her response:


Elle magazine contributor, R. Eric Thomas wrote a wonderfully hilarious piece on Mother Waters and her advanced “reading” skills.. Make sure to check it out here.

So surely there are many of us that have made alternate plans for our afternoon. We want to get a handle on some important matters like:

  • organizing your sock drawer
  • alphabetizing your spices
  • making a “I Miss the 90s” playlist
  • taking all your Obama t-shirts to the dry cleaners
  • thinking of words that rhyme with “orange”

If you haven’t mapped the day out, then you might enjoy perusing a list of useful monikers for the 45th, provided to us by a favorite humorist and author, Awesomely Luvvie:

trump nicknames.png

Your feelings may run the gamut on a day like today, but here at CREAD we encourage you to  release the petty in you. Be encouraged by Rep. Waters’ example and say what you feel. Make funny memes or share your favorites on the interwebs with friends.  You know we are here for y’all and from the looks of things so far, it’s about to get interesting.


Peace and love good people…


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