The Obama Legacy

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KB: It’s almost over, we’re in our last 24 hours of the Obama Presidency. I’m still kind of stunned that after eight years of Barack Obama we move into the tyranny of Donald Trump. I really can’t believe that America hates itself so much that Chump Trump is president.

CA: This is indeed a stunning moment in history.  I saw a post the other day that featured an image of Hillary Clinton and the word “stolen”. When I saw that I felt a kind of anxiety in my gut.  It almost feels like a coup d’etat. As much as I am determined to do what’s necessary, there is an uneasiness that I cannot ignore.

KB: On the other hand, I recognize that under an Obama presidency Black lives haven’t mattered; well they haven’t improved. Ok, that’s an unfair statement. It’s just that we’ve had a Black president who always had to walk a tightrope around race and therefore, very rarely spoke truth to power or did anything directly for the benefit for Black people or poor people without somehow blaming our condition on us.

CA: I think part of what we witnessed over the last eight years was the limitations of that role and position.  If we are honest did we, Americans, really believe that the white male power structure would allow a Black man to get in office and right all the wrongs committed against us and our ancestors?  Shoot we were so hyped that he even got the job! The one thing we can agree upon, I believe, is that President Obama and his entire family made us proud to be black. Their impact on the younger generation especially, is a powerful one.  Most of our generation often talk about the Cosby Show as being the exemplary black family for us.  These “new century” babies have a real example of the Obamas that they continue to draw inspiration from.

KB:I also, recognize that a Donald Trump presidency offers us the opportunity to make some bold and unapologetic changes  for ourselves and our communities.

CA: Oh my goodness, you are so right. As anxiety provoking as the next four years may seem, they are also a time of great opportunity.  I think this past election experience has the potential to be a powerful motivation for us to truly be engaged citizens in our communities. As you have noted before Khalilah, when we consider the activism of the generations before us, some of us are just out here playin’.

KB: But we digress, today is all about honoring the eight years of service and inspiration that Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha have given to this country and the world.

CA: Yes, indeed. Even though the Obamas are leaving we can and should recognize what they contributed to our country and to our legacy as a people.

Dear educators, please find a way to honor the Obamas in your class today or sometime this week.

Begin or end your class with a slideshow of the Obama’s presidency.

obama working.png

Re-watch his first victory speech with your class:


Review his accomplishments while in office with your students.

obama in the rain.png

Have your class write him goodbye letters. Students across the country have written letters to Chump Trump asking him to be good. Maybe we all write letters to the Obama family to thank them for being our first family.

kid's letters to obama.png
Most recent letters  from children received by the President’s correspondence office.

You can do a One Word project. Get out your phone and have every student say one word to describe how they felt about Obama or how they feel about the end of his run as our president. Edit that and watch it tomorrow at 12pm.

hugging obama.png

When Obama was elected we rejoiced and stopped everything to celebrate and now that the hour is near and his departure is upon us let us still celebrate. Take today to bask in the light of what was and leave what could be for tomorrow.

Peace and love good people.

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